Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition

Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition



Mid-America Mobility Scanner is Live

Motivated by mobility performance improvement and utilizing probe data on 22+ thousand miles of interstate in the ten-state Mid-America region, the Coalition has developed a scanner that picks out the biggest anomalies each month. Summary results are viewable on the mobility performance scanner page, and click on this post to read more.


New Website Launch

The new GLRTOC website is now live! Please look around, and let us know what we can add or change….


NOCoE Webinar Announcement

Friday, August 14, 2015 Data Availability, Integration and Warehousing for TSM&O Performance Measures The Performance Measures Technical Working Group (PMTWG)…


Iowa Secretary Trombino: “System is going to shrink”

The State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI) featured a news item on July 13, 2015 about Iowa DOT Secretary Paul Trombino’s…


Examining Multistate Mobility in the Mid-America Region

Like never before, traffic probe data affords an unprecedented opportunity to examine multistate mobility, including for freight. Work by GLRTOC…


Paul Trombino, Iowa DOT Director, On Data

Paul Trombino, the Director of the Iowa DOT, explains database use