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The Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition (GLRTOC) is a partnership of Great Lakes agencies that collaborates on initiatives that improve cross-regional transportation operations in support of regional economic competitiveness and improved quality of life.

USDOT Awards GLRTOC a Multistate Corridor Operations and Management (MCOM) Grant

The MCOM grant funds two projects through 2015:

  • Connected Centers and Gateway Expansion, which will improve center to center communications and operations as well as expand the Gateway Traveler Information System (GTIS) to cover key corridors across the Great Lakes megaregion.
  • Smart Work Zone Coordination, including improved high impact work zone coordination across borders, a next generation work zone mapping application, and a mutli-jurisdictional smart work zone monitoring and performance pilot.

GLRTOC Members

The GLRTOC members are agencies that have transportation operations on the major routes connecting Minneapolis to Toronto. The participating agencies include:

  • Illinois Department of Transportation,
  • Illinois State Toll Highway Authority,
  • Indiana Department of Transportation,
  • Indiana Toll Road Concession Company,
  • Iowa Department of Transportation,
  • Michigan Department of Transportation,
  • Ministry of Transportation Ontario,
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation,
  • Ohio Department of Transportation,
  • Skyway Concession Company, and
  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation.