Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition

Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition


80_90 PUSH

80/90 PUSH – Indiana Toll Road

The Indiana Toll Road Concession Company (ITRCC) is making a $200 million investment in the safety and quality of its customers’ experience. The 80/90 PUSH Project will reconstruct over 70 miles of pavement and make improvements to 53 bridges.

Bluewater_Bridge (1)

Blue Water Bridge Cross-Border Exercise

The fourth cross-border Canada-U.S. Enhanced Resiliency Experiments (CAUSE) will run April 26 – 28 along the border of Michigan and Ontario.


St. Louis Area Flooding

The flooding that occurred the last few days of 2015 around the St. Louis area showed up prominently on the Mid-America “Scanner” December results. The team then dove into the data further to generate map visualizations per day, which you can view by clicking on this post…


2015 TIGER Grant

Eight Mid-America member states were awarded $25 million from the USDOT TIGER program to advance regional truck parking monitoring and information systems.


Smart Work Zones – GLRTOC Corridor Practices Final Report

One of the coalition’s activities funded under the MCOM grants was to collect, centralize, and coordinate recent Smart Work Zone…


Mid-America Mobility Scanner is Live

Motivated by mobility performance improvement and utilizing probe data on 22+ thousand miles of interstate in the ten-state Mid-America region, the Coalition has developed a scanner that picks out the biggest anomalies each month. Summary results are viewable on the mobility performance scanner page, and click on this post to read more.