Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition

Midwest Chicago Megaregion Workshop

Our Great Lakes Megaregion has a population of nearly 70 million across the GLRTOC member areas, and the importance of the cross border economy of the Chicago and Upper Midwest areas cannot be overstated. On August 28-29, 2017, public and private stakeholders across seven of our states and from the USDOT held a workshop focusing on multimodal freight transportation on a megaregion level.

For background, step through this slide deck (4.4mb pdf) from FHWA on the topic of megaregions, presented March 2017 at the National Association of Counties Transportation Peer Exchange. It helps define megaregions from the FHWA perspective, implications for transportation, and the critical connection to freight movement and local economies.

The workshop agenda (0.3mb pdf) provides an excellent summary of the workshop, the very outcome-oriented topics the group tackled, and the wealth of expertise brought by the diverse participants.

A well-crafted white paper prepared in conjunction with the workshop is a must-read for anybody working on transportation and freight movement in the Midwest. View or download it here: