Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition

Connected Centers

The Connected Centers project funded under MCOM FFY 2011 applies the initial phases of systems engineering to improved operations centers connectivity. This project targets institutional relationships, data sharing, coordinated traffic management, incident response, and winter weather operations. Specifically, this project entails a detailed definition of needs, visits to each of the operations centers across the megaregion; development of a concept of operations; development of system and functional requirements; and high-level design and subsystem requirements.

The subsequent implementation phase under MCOM FFY 2012 picks up where the previous phase leaves off. Out of the connected centers systems engineering process and stakeholder engagement comes a set of prioritized recommendations for implementing enhancements or improvements among the operations centers. The funds made available through this task will be used along with member agency resources to bolster and accelerate the implementation of these improvements, while supporting consistency among the operations centers across the megaregion.

Funding: MCOM FFY 2011, MCOM FFY 2012, Minnesota DOT