Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition

St. Louis Area Flooding

The flooding that occurred the last few days of 2015 around the St. Louis area showed up prominently on the Mid-America “Scanner.”  This interstate mobility performance scanning tool entails an algorithm that scans the NPMRDS data across the 10-state region in order to reveal to member agencies the time and location of particularly anomalous disruptions to mobility.


In this case, the December results (example map) showed a disruption around St. Louis. The team then dove into the data further to generate the example maps above, showing impacts of the flooding per day.

This next plot shows an example of the “process control chart” that the scanner algorithm relies on. This is fully documented in a technical paper if you’d like to request a copy of that. The example is for a single link of I-44 Eastbound near Eureka approaching the Meramec River.


And last, here is an example of a “heatmap” view of an impact like this, which allows us to visualize anomalies in space and time together. From left to right is about 105 miles of I-44, and bottom to top is two months, 12/1/15 to 1/31/16.