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Truck Parking Technology

Dynamic message signs near four Wisconsin rest areas provide real-time parking information for commercial drivers

Sent: Dec. 15, 2016

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is joining several other Midwest states by installing Truck Parking Information Management Systems (TPIMS) near four rest areas along eastbound I-94 between Dunn and Columbia counties. The TPIMS technology will monitor a total of 157 parking stalls at four rest area locations: Rest Area 61 near Menomonie; Rest Area 53 near Millston; Rest Area 9 near Lyndon Station; and Rest Area 11 near Portage.

TPIMS uses advanced technology, including sensors and cameras, to create real-time information about the availability of truck parking that drivers can monitor by dynamic roadside signs with expanded options planned for next year. These tools enhance safety and efficiency by helping commercial truck drivers nearing their end-of-service hours better plan rest periods without having to exit the freeway and waste time and fuel looking for appropriate space. Continue Reading